The theme that comes through this week’s readings is one of ‘being called’. The first reading is the call of the prophet Isaiah (Is 6:1-8). Isaiah experiences a vision of the glory of God and is humbly reminded of his own deficiencies: he believes himself to be ‘a man of unclean lips’. As such, he is certainly unfit to speak on behalf of God as his unclean lips would taint whatever message he may speak. But his lips are cleansed by God who then asks, ‘Whom shall I send?’ Demonstrating a complete conversion of heart and mind, Isaiah immediately replies, ‘Here I am, send me!’

This first reading provides a perfect balance to the gospel. Jesus is being closely pressed by the crowd when he asks a nearby fisherman to take him just off shore to preach without being overwhelmed by the crowd. Seemingly at random, he has selected the boat of the fisherman Peter. Having finished preaching for the day, Jesus tells Peter to set out into deeper water and pay out his fishing nets. Peter is certainly not keen on the idea! Out of some interest or good nature he had agreed to allow this preacher to use his boat for a while, but now this country bumpkin is trying to tell him how to fish! Just to prove Jesus wrong, Peter agrees to go through the futile exercise and is overwhelmed by the enormous catch of fish. Like Isaiah in the first reading, Peter is suddenly acutely aware of his own deficiencies – ‘Leave me Lord; I am a sinful man’. Like Isaiah, he recognises that he has just seen the glory of God revealed and he feels unworthy to be part of the experience. But Jesus reassures him, ‘Do not be afraid,’ and calls Peter to follow.

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First Reading
Is 6:1-8
Isaiah volunteers to speak for the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm
Ps 137:1-5. 7-8. R. v.1

Second Reading
1 Cor 15:1-11
Paul recounts the chronology of Christ.

Gospel Acclamation
Mt 4:19

Lk 5:1-11
An abundance of fish are caught by Simon.





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